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Privacy Policy

Rapid IT Solutions is committed to protecting the privacy of our Visitors and Customers. Our privacy policy governs our use of private Visitor information and other information about our Visitors and Customers.


Rapid IT Solutions believes that our online Visitors and Customers need to be provided clear and prominent notice regarding what personal information is being collected about them, how it will be used, whether or not it will be disclosed, and if so, to whom.

Privacy Guidelines:

Navigational Data / Tracking

Information Sharing / Disclosure

Online Purchases

The objective of the online purchases principle is to protect the information about customer transactions and other online uses from misuse and unauthorized disclosure.


We give you choices about how we use your personal information.
The objective of the choice principle is to allow customers to opt-out of future marketing offers.

Safeguarding Personal Information

The objective of the safeguarding personal information principle is to assure you that we actively protect your privacy using a variety of security and controls. We use secure technology, privacy protection controls and restrictions on employee access in order to safeguard your personal information.


We will keep you informed, clearly and prominently on this page, about what we do with your personal information, and we will advise you here if we change our policy. The objective of the notice principle is to ensure that you are aware of and understand how we protect your privacy.

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, or to report a suspected violation of our privacy policy, you may contact us by the following means:



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